Shell is Hell

Shell claim to play a key role in helping to meet the world’s growing energy demand in economically environmentally and socially responsible ways. The facts are that this couldn’t be further from the truth; everyday Shell ruthlessly pursue maximising profits with little concern for the environment or the communities they operate in.

Niger Delta Pipeline Fire

Niger Delta Pipeline Fire

Recently it was announced at the United Nations investors’ summit that global investment in clean energy reached a new high of £169 billion. As a supposed leading energy company one would expect Shell it contribute considerably to this figure. But you would be wrong, Shell in fact have dropped their investment in most renewable energy sources, with the environmentally damaging Biofuels being the only ‘renewable’ they are investing in.

Essentially Shell’s environmental policy is non-existent, and they need you to tweet them one of horror facts we have uncovered about Shell.


Shell Protest

Shell Protest

Choose a tweet from below and give Shell hell.

@Shell why do you shun renewables such as solar, wind and hydro in favour of environmentally destructive Biofuels? #shellishell

@Shell how can you claim to be environmentally responsible when you cause oil spills every day in the Niger Delta? #shellishell

@Shell your advertising says “every drop counts” – will you clean up every drop of the 13 million barrels of oil you’ve spilled in the Niger Delta? #shellishell

@Shell makes £2m an hour. It will cost and estimated $500bn to clean up the Niger Delta. Can you afford to pay for your pollution? #shellishell

@Shell’s profits this year: £18 billion. @Shell’s investment in sustainable energy sources: £0. #shellishell

@Shell a 2009 FoE report found you to be the world’s most carbon intensive oil company. Are you prepared for the future? #shellishell @Shell in 2009 you called #TarSands a “sustainable energy source” in UK ads. When will you learn what sustainable means? #shellishell

@Shell we’re watching you scramble! What happened to renewables? What happened to the blueprint scenario? #shellishell

@Shell banning styrofoam cups on Alaskan drilling vessels does not constitute an environmental policy. #shellishell

@Shell you say you were one of the 1st companies to acknowledge #climatechange, will you be the last to act? #recordbreakers #shellishell

@Shell – renewables prevent climate change, biofuels and natural gas do not. #shellishell

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