SWAT bulletin 7th December 2012

1. Osborne: 30 New Gas powered stations
2. UK UNCUT actions, Saturday 8th December
3. Climate Rush Charity pot lids at Lush stores



1. Osborne: Still dashing for gas

It was announced this week that our dear friend Gideon George will approve 30 new gas powered stations to be built in the UK. This is disastrous in terms of reaching our climate targets. We cannot hope to achieve zero carb

on emissions by 2030 (which we desperately need) with this roll out of stations. Gas is not a renewable source of energy, by any stretch, and is an energy intensive process. Osborne is only pursuing it because of vested interests in addition to short term objectives. For us, it means the game is on – we will not let you frack with our future!

2. UK UNCUT actions, all over the UK this Saturday

This Saturday the bombastic UK UNCUT are coordinating actions all over the UK holding Starbucks to account for not paying their taxes. From a climate change perspective if corporations like Starbucks paid their taxes our national economic situation would be greatly improved, making arguments against investing in renewables much more flimsy. Confirmed spots in London are Brixton, Angel, Baker St, Camden Lock, Regent St, Euston, Greenwich, Barnet, Stratford, Upper St Islington.

3. Climate Rush charity pot lids at Lush stores

Just in case you missed it – a little bit of Climate Rush history has happened – you can now hold a small piece of sweet smelling Climate Rush in your hand! A wonderful morsel of memorabilia that we can keep forever; in the office we have been eyeing them up for Xmas gifts for friends and family. Get to the shops now to make sure get your mitts on one (or more!) before they disappear on December 17th.

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