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The Future Watch London City Airport


  11am, Monday 21st July LONDON CITY AIRPORT wants to expand. In July, Newham Council will decide whether to let them. The Airport has already outgrown its Docklands location. More expansion will mean more noise, more air pollution and more heavy traffic in the streets near the airport. Meanwhile proposals to revive the Royal Docks […]

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CR TV goes to Broadcasting House!


Today we went to the BBC’s HQ, Broadcasting House on Portland Place. Our visit followed widespread criticism of the BBC’s reporting on climate change. In the aftermath of the 2013/14 winter’s floods, The Today programme was condemned for inviting Lord Nigel Lawson to debate the impacts of climate change with Professor Brian Hoskins, a climate […]

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Blinkered Broadcasting on Climate


It’s time for the BBC to deal in facts not fiction. When one thinks of the coverage provided by the BBC the adjectives considered, balanced, factually correct and unbiased could usually be applied. At Climate Rush we think the BBC is generally a force for good in a media landscape dominated by Machiavellian owners like […]

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Frack Fighters Lock the Gate


In case you’ve been sleeping, Balcombe is the once quiet West Sussex village now at the mercy of thirsty frackers Cuadrilla, the American oil and gas exploration company hoping to profit hugely from George Osborne’s much talked up ‘shale gas revolution’. They caused an earthquake drilling near Blackpool in Lancashire last year. All this Government gassing and oil-driven […]

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Climate Rush visits Peter Lilley


We wanted to speak to Peter Lilley and his constituents about climate change and challenge this oil-loving MP’s skulduggery in attempting to weaken the 2008 Climate Act, uncovered in the recent Energygate Scandal. As newly appointed member of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, Lilley was recorded by an undercover Greenpeace investigation talking of getting the government “off the […]

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SWAT bulletin 7th December 2012


  1. Osborne: Still dashing for gas It was announced this week that our dear friend Gideon George will approve 30 new gas powered stations to be built in the UK. This is disastrous in terms of reaching our climate targets. We cannot hope to achieve zero carb on emissions by 2030 (which we desperately […]

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SWAT bulletin 28th November 2012


  1. Energy Bill published today As was to be expected with the government’s new Energy Bill there is a lot of confusion – both in the way the media is portraying the figures to the public as well as, for green campaigners, what the bill will do in tangible terms for a comprehensive move […]

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No Dash for Gas tell Osborne gas is not the answer


  The balloons used were biodegradable, like the last action we did at the Conservative Party Conference in October. Fantastically, the green movement has been re-energized over the issue of gas within this country and abroad. With energy costs escalating, as they were bound to do with fossil fuels becoming increasingly costly to extract, the […]

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